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This page contains Chin translations of MoneySmart content. To view the publications below in English, go to publications. To access the audio and photo stories in English, go to the Money management kit for community settlement workers.

 MoneySmart cu zeidah a si? (What is MoneySmart?)

Hi maivan cu na tangka hman thiamnak bawmtu caah a lakin duh tawk rel khawhnak hmun a si. MoneySmart cu cozah zung pakhat a simi Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) nih a tuahmi a si.

Na tangka hman khawh ding zat, khon le cawi khawhnak hna bawmh dingah MoneySmart nih tangka tuaknak a ngeih (mirang ca lawngin a ngah). 

Lungtlin lomi Chimphuannak

Tangka kong he pehtlai in harnak na ton ah siseh asiloah pakhatkhat ruahnak an in pek ah siseh ASIC sinah na chimphuan khawh. Na lungtlin lonak na chimphuan khawhnak hmunhma kan in chimh khawh. 1300 300 630 in ASIC ah chawn hna siloah holhletu hal hna.

This website has free independent information to help you make smart choices about your money. MoneySmart is produced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) which is a government organisation.

MoneySmart has calculators (only available in English) to help you work out how much money you can afford to spend, save and borrow. 


Interpreter iconIf you are having problems with your money or with someone giving you advice about money, you can tell ASIC. We can explain where you can take your complaint. Call ASIC on 1300 300 630 and ask for an interpreter.

Chuahmi Cauk Pawl (Publications)

Ka tangka tuaktan zia langhternak

Innchungkhar Ca Tangka Tuaktaannak

Tangka Khonnak

Bil Peknak




Kharedit Aphunphun  


Australia Ram I Rian`uannak Kong (Thlahlawh, ngunkhuai le pensen)  


Managing my money factsheets

Household budgets

Saving money

Paying bills




Types of credit


Working in Australia: Pay, tax and superannuation


Ngaih Awk (Audio stories)

46  secs

Innchungkhar Ca Tangka Tuaktaannak (Household budgets)


51  secs

Kharedit (Credit)

43  secs

Tangka Khonnak (Saving money)


53  secs

Kharedit Aphunphun (Types of credit)

43  secs

Bil Peknak (Paying bills)


54  secs

Leiba (Debt)

53  secs

Khon`rek (Contracts)


57  secs

Australia Ram I Rian`uannak Kong (Thlahlawh, ngunkhuai le pensen)
(Working in Australia: Pay, tax and super)

50  secs

Baan (Banking)


47  secs

Aamahkhan (Insurance)

Muicuang (Photo stories)


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Last updated: 07 Aug 2017