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  • Test your investment knowledge

    Do you know how to pick a good investment, diversify your portfolio and identify any investment risks? Try our new investing challenge to see how much you really know.

  • Automatic insurance renewals

    Six insurers have agreed to better inform consumers about their car insurance automatic renewal practices so they are not caught by surprise. Read the ASIC media release and see our guidance on insurance renewals.

  • Love and money

    How do you manage money in your relationship? Read our tips on relationships and money.

  • Loan scams

    Loan scams are on the rise where scammers ask you to pay a fee upfront for a loan, then keep the money. Find out the telltale signs of a loan scam and read ASIC's media release.

  • Interest Only Mortgages InfographicInterest-only mortgages

    Our financial infographic explains how interest-only mortgages have grown in Australia, how much people are borrowing and how much you will really pay if you have this type of loan. Read ASIC's media release.

  • Forex company pays for misleading advertising

    Online Capital Markets has paid $30,600 in penalties for false or misleading online advertising. Read ASIC's media release and find out more about the risks of foreign exchange trading.

  • Money Toolkit LadyWomen's money toolkit

    Get your personalised money to do list when you use our women's money toolkit.

  • Getting the right financial advice?

    How to work out if the financial advice you get is really right for you.

  • Financial Literacy Awards

    Initiatives to combat the financial abuse of women were among the winners of this year's Financial Literacy Australia Awards.

  • Warning of scam impersonating ASIC

    ASIC is urging people to be wary of cold callers claiming to represent ASIC who are asking for personal and financial details. Find out more in ASIC's media release.

  • Calculator HouseThinking of switching home loans?

    When rates start to change it's time to check what other lenders offer.

  • Talking mobile phones with students

    If you are teaching students from Year 5 to Year 12 check out our suite of mobile phone digital activities that cover all aspects of owning a phone.