Christmas tips

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  • Xmas InfographicWhat Australians spend on Christmas

    Check out our Christmas spending infographic to find out what Australians spend at Christmas and how long it takes to pay off Christmas debts.

  • Donating

    Christmas is a time of giving but how do you know if a charity is legitimate?

  • Xmas Vox PopVideo: Christmas money tips

    We ask people on the street to tell us how they approach budgeting and spending this Christmas.

  • Test your investment knowledge

    Do you know how to pick a good investment, diversify your portfolio and identify any investment risks? Try our new investing challenge to see how much you really know.

  • Buying a car

    With car sales up at the moment find out where to start when you are in the market to buy a car.

  • Video: Money tips for contractors

    Aleisha, a teacher who is working on contract, explains how she manages her money with uncertain income.

  • Maths lessons on giving

    Teach Year 4 students about fractions and decimals, needs and wants and the art of giving, with our unit of work How much love can fit into a shoebox.

  • Bushfires and storm damage

    Check the fine print to see what your home insurance really covers.

  • Automatic insurance renewals

    Six insurers have agreed to better inform consumers about their car insurance automatic renewal practices so they are not caught by surprise. Read the ASIC media release and see our guidance on insurance renewals.