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  • Paying for funerals brochureAvoid a funeral rip-off

    Have you seen those ads on TV telling you how affordable a funeral plan can be? They say you can put money aside now to take the pressure off your family later. Our paying for funerals booklet explains that there are different ways to pay for a funeral, but some may be more suitable for you than others. See ASIC's media release.

  • Managing investment risk

    In times of market uncertainty and volatility it's important to remember the key principles of risk management for your investments.

  • Volcanic ash and travel insurance

    What does travel insurance really cover and how do you find out what's excluded?

  • Diversifying your investments

    If you want to minimise investment risk, diversification is an essential ingredient for your investment portfolio.

  • Tax and super

    Understanding how your super is taxed can help you benefit from tax concessions and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Young people and tax

    If you are just starting out in the workforce find out how to prepare your first tax return.

  • Mid-winter blues?

    Do you dream of a holiday in warmer climates during the winter months? Start saving for your next holiday.

  • Tax InfographicSpending your tax refund

    Check out our financial infographic to find out how Australians said they spent their tax refund.

  • Make tax work for you

    An investment is 'tax-effective' if you end up paying less tax than you would have paid on another investment with the same return and risk. Find out more about tax-effective investments.

  • Layby now for Christmas

    Now is a great time to layby your gifts and pay them off before Christmas. Find out how layby works.