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ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching is a comprehensive strategy to develop consumer and financial literacy capabilities in young Australians.

Being MoneySmart is a core life skill. In a rapidly changing world of personal finances, children and young people will benefit from gaining and applying the knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours to establish good consumer and financial habits. Find out more about MoneySmart Teaching.

The teaching section of MoneySmart contains:

Defective USBs (aqua/teal)

In April 2015 ASIC took delivery of a number of USBs for distribution to teachers, with copies of ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching resources. After a limited distribution of 497 aqua/teal coloured USBs to external parties between 13-23 April, ASIC's internal testing identified that the USBs were defective.

ASIC immediately took steps to locate the defective USBs, and to advise recipients to either destroy or return them to ASIC. All but one of the USBs has been located.  

Computers loaded with up-to-date security software would be likely to detect if a USB was defective.
Anyone who is concerned they may have a defective USB, should destroy it and ASIC will provide a clean replacement.  

ASIC reminds everyone to protect themselves from cyber risks by taking measures such as using anti-virus programs, protecting their personal information online and using strong passwords. For any enquiries about this matter please contact moneysmartteaching@asic.gov.au

New teaching resources

Money management skills for VET students

ASIC's  Be MoneySmart is an online training resource for VET students (including apprentices and trainees) and senior high school students. The resource helps students to develop money management skills which support their future careers in small business or as contractors.

Digital units of work for Year 9 and 10

smart consumers 4 a smart future teaches students about being responsible consumers using a range of real life issues around sustainability.

Activities are focused on Years 9 and 10 Mathematics, English and Science and provide a range of tasks that can be used in isolation or part of a larger unit of work.

Updated units of work for secondary teachers

Updated versions of our Secondary units of work have been developed based on feedback and reviews. 

Last updated: 01 May 2015

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