A comprehensive program to develop consumer and financial capability in young Australians.

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Why is ASIC involved in consumer and financial literacy education?

  • ASIC is the Financial Regulator and the lead  Australian Government agency responsible for Financial Literacy education and has developed the brand name 'MoneySmart'.
  • Financial education is the key to creating confident and informed investors and financial consumers.
  • Having the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage your money is a core life skill and will play a major role in people's future well being and that of society more broadly.

The OECD recommends financial education start as early as possible in children's lives and that it be incorporated into the formal school curriculum.

Being MoneySmart is a core life skill. In a rapidly changing world of personal finances, children and young people will benefit from gaining and applying the knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours to establish sound consumer and financial habits.

In response to these imperatives and recommendations, ASIC has developed:

  • MoneySmart website that contains information and resources for both consumers and educators; and
  • MoneySmart Teaching program that provides freely available Australian Curriculum aligned classroom teaching resources and professional development for teachers.

The teaching section of MoneySmart contains:

Last updated: 31 May 2019