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There is around $1 billion in lost shares, bank accounts and life insurance.


Can't find your name in the search?

If you can't find your name but know you have lost money from a bank account it could be because:

  • you have lost less than $500 so the bank will still have your funds. Please contact your bank to get the money.
  • the bank has closed your account but has not yet sent the funds to ASIC and they have until 31 March 2015 to do this. You should check with your bank when they will send the funds to ASIC.
  • the funds have been received by ASIC in the last 5 working days and are still being processed. Keep checking our unclaimed money search as your name will appear soon.

About the unclaimed money search

Data: Data shown on this search is the result of lodgements from various banks, building societies, credit union, life companies, friendly societies and registered Australian companies. ASIC does not guarantee the quality or consistency of the input data as this information was supplied by the various institutions. 

The Original Transaction Number (OTN): Each unclaimed money record within this database is given a unique OTN. Once you find a relevant record (by searching your name) - record the OTN as you will need it when making a claim. The OTN will also help you relocate that record in future and will assist ASIC if we need to discuss your claim. 

Life policies: Records relating to life insurance policies vary slightly to that of banks and companies as there can be an owner and a life insured name. When you undertake a name search, both of these names are searched. For example, if you search for 'Robert Smith', any life policy which has Robert Smith as either the owner of the policy or the life insured, will be displayed.

Legal or professional advice: This service is provided solely for general information purposes. By providing this service ASIC does not provide legal or other professional advice. ASIC expressly disclaims any liability arising from use of the unclaimed money service. If you require legal or other expert advice or assistance, you should seek the services of a competent professional person.

Created by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Copyright © 2012 Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Other ways to 'find' money

Try other ways to 'find' money or read more about how unclaimed money works.

  • Do a budget - You might find extra money if you do a budget.
  • Reduce credit card debt - Our credit card calculator can help you.
  • Switch your mortgage - See how much you'll save by switching.

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Search tips

As mentioned above, consider the following points when conducting a search:

  • Try your surname only; surname & first name (in any order); surname & initial (in any order)
  • Try searching for both 'O'Sullivan' & 'Osullivan'; 'McDonald' & 'Mc Donald', 'Van Der Drift' & 'Vanderdrift'
  • Searching the name 'Robert Smith' will return 'Robert James Smith'; 'Robert and Mary Smith'; 'Smith Robert'

Video: ASIC's Peter Kell on the Checkout

Search for unclaimed money.

Watch ASIC's Deputy Chairman Peter Kell talk about how you can search for unclaimed shares, bank accounts and life insurance on MoneySmart.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2015

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