Australia's unclaimed money

Could some be yours?

This infographic explains how people lose track of their money and how much unclaimed money is out there to be claimed.

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Australia's unclaimed money - $1.1 billion dollars

Could some of it be yours?

Money waiting to be claimed

  • NSW: $380m ($319m Sydney, $14m Hunter, $1m Illawarra)
  • VIC: $197m ($170m Melbourne, $5m Barwon, $4m Goulburn Valley)
  • QLD: $112m ($58m Brisbane, $17m Gold Coast, $7m Far North)
  • WA:  $75m ($56m Perth, $4m South West, $2m South East)
  • ACT: $15m
  • SA: $35m ($28m Adelaide, $1m South East, $1m Outer Adelaide)
  • TAS: $9m ($6m Hobart, $2m Northern Tasmania)
  • NT: $8m ($4.5m Darwin)

(The total figure of $1.1 billion includes approx. $146m where the address is unknown and approx. $172m where the account holder is not in Australia. All figures have been rounded and are current as at December 2016.)

How do people lose track of their money?

  • Move often (hard to track)
  • Move overseas
  • They just forget

Types of lost money

  • Bank accounts - $617 million
  • Shares - $451 million
  • Life insurance - $81 million

Search on ASIC's MoneySmart to find unclaimed money.

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Last updated: 26 Apr 2017