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Australia's interest-only mortgages

2017 interest only mortgage thumbnailOur interest-only mortgages infographic explains how much money Australian's have in interest-only home loans and how much an interest-only loans can really cost you. 

Learn more about interest-only mortgages.

Australia's Christmas spending

2017 Christmas spending infographic thumbnailTake a look at our Christmas spending infographic, with information on how much Australians spend at Christmas, Christmas budgeting and how long it can take to pay off Christmas credit card debt.

Australia's unclaimed money

2017 Unclaimed money thumbnailOur unclaimed money infographic explains how money can get lost and become unclaimed and how much is out there to be claimed.

To find your lost money do an unclaimed money search.

Tyre and rim insurance

Tyrerim Infographic Thumbnail

Our tyre and rim insurance infographic explains what tyre and rim insurance really covers, the average cost and claim and gives you some important things to consider before you buy this type of insurance from a car dealer.

Women's money challenges

Womens Money Challenges Thumbnail

Our women's money challenges infographic looks at the everyday challenges women face and the small steps they can take now that can make a big difference later.

Australians and travel insurance

Travel insurance infographic thumbnailOur Australians and travel insurance infographic explains why Australians travel, where they go, what is covered and isn't covered by travel insurance and how to get the best policy for you.

Mechanical breakdown insurance

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance-infographic thumbnailOur mechanical breakdown insurance infographic shows why you shouldn't buy this type of insurance when you purchase a car from a dealer.

Car buying in Australia

MoneySmart Cars thumbnailBuying a car isn't just about shiny rims and fluffy dice - it is a major financial decision. Our Car buying in Australia infographic shows how you can save money by using the MoneySmart Cars app.

The cost of a pet

Pet infographic thumbnailOur cost of a pet infographic explores pet ownership, average costs and pet insurance in Australia to see how much a pet really costs.

Comparing the cost of life insurance

Car insurance screenshotOur comparing the cost of life insurance infographic shows that you can pay up to 17 times more for life insurance purchased from a car yard than you would if you bought standard life insurance from a life insurance company or super fund.

Women and money


Our women and money infographic highlights some facts about the unique challenges women face when it comes to money.

How Australians spend their tax refund

Spend tax refunds thumbnail

Our tax refunds infographic tells you the average tax refund and how people say they spent last year's tax refund.

We also explain some ways to make the most of your refund to realise your financial goals.

How Australians save money

SaveHave you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful saver? Our savings infographic shows how Australians save money, people's different saving styles and the techniques used by successful savers.

The TrackMyGOALS app can help you achieve your saving goals faster. 


How much can a wedding cost?

Wedding costs infographic thumbnailThe biggest day of your life could cost more than you think. Our wedding infographic shows how much people can spend on their weddings and the sacrifices they make to get down the aisle. 

Read our MoneySmart wedding tips and spend less on the big day so you have money left over for a home deposit or other things on your wish list.

Australian spending habits


Our Australian spending habits infographic shows just how Australians spent their money in 2012 and how much the average family spends every week. There is also a state-by-state spending breakdown.

Find out what you spend your money on by using the TrackMySpend mobile app.




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Last updated: 08 Feb 2018