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This calculator helps you find out:

  • if you are eligible for a co-contribution from the Government
  • how much you can get if you are eligible

For more details see further information and FAQs below.

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Further information

To be eligible for the government co-contribution, you need to meet this criteria:

  • Make personal after-tax (non-concessional) contributions to your super
  • Receive at least 10% of your assessable income from employment or self-employment activities
  • Lodge an income tax return
  • Have given your tax file number to your super fund
  • Be less than 71 years old at the end of the financial year
  • Have not been a temporary resident of Australia for any part of the financial year

For full eligibility details see ATO's co-contribution eligibility.

FAQs - frequently asked questions

Q: If I work part-time, do I enter my full-time equivalent salary or the amount of income I actually receive.

A: You need to enter the amount of income you actually receive, your taxable income plus reportable fringe benefits plus salary sacrificed super contributions.

Q: If I have income from more than one job, which amount do I enter?

A: If you have income from more than one job you will need to add them together or use the 'other income' field. You co-contribution entitlement will be calculated using income from all sources.

Q: Are maternity leave payments counted as eligible employment income?

A: Yes, employer maternity payments count as eligible employment income.

Q: I don't pay tax on my income, am I eligible for the co-contribution?

A: You don't need to pay tax on your income to be eligible for the co-contribution, you just need 10% of your income to come from eligible employment income.

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Last updated: 20 Sep 2018