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Find out how to boost your super and how much income you will have in retirement with our calculators and tools.


Super & retirement calculators

  • Account based pension calculator icon svg

    Account-based pension calculator

    Helps you check:

    • how long can you expect your pension to last
    • if you can make it last longer with lower fees or a different investment option
    • see how long your pension will last compared to another fund.
  • Employer contributions calculator icon svg

    Employer contributions calculator

    Helps you:

    • work out how much super you should be getting from your employer
    • check if you are getting the right amount per month.
  • Retirement planner icon svg

    Retirement planner

    Helps you work out:

    • what income you are likely to have from super and the age pension when you retire
    • how contributions, investment options, fees and retirement age affect your retirement income from super.
  • Super calculator icon svg

    Super calculator

    Helps you work out:

    • how much super you'll have when you retire
    • how fees affect your final payout.
  • Super and pension age calculator icon svg

    Super and pension age calculator

    Helps you:

    • work out when you can get your super
    • find out when you can apply for the age pension.
  • Super contributions optimiser icon svg

    Super contributions optimiser

    Helps you work out:

    • which type of super contribution will give your super the biggest boost
    • how to make super contributions.
  • Super v mortgage tool icon svg

    Super vs mortgage tool

    This tool helps you decide whether you should:

    • contribute more to superannuation or
    • pay more off your mortgage.

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Last updated: 04 Feb 2019