Super & retirement calculators

Find out how to boost your super and how much income you will have in retirement with our calculators and tools.

Superannuation calculator
Find out how much super you're likely to have when you retire.

Superannuation calculator thumbnail

Super contributions optimiser
See how you can boost your super by making extra contributions.

Superannuation contributions optimiser thumbnail

Super vs mortgage tool
Should you contribute more to superannuation or pay off your mortgage quicker?

super vs mortgage tool thumbnail

Super co-contribution calculator
Find out if a Government co-contribution can boost your super.

Super co-contribution calculator thumbnail

Career break super calculator
Find out how a career break affects your super balance.

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Employer contributions calculator
How much should your employer be paying into your super? 

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Retirement planner
Work out how you can boost your retirement income by taking action now.

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Super and pension age calculator
See when you can access super and apply for the pension.

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Account-based pension calculator
Work out whether you can make your pension last longer.

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Last updated: 21 Nov 2016