Super and pension age calculator

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This calculator helps you:

  • work out when you can get your super
  • see when you can apply for the Age Pension

For more details see further information and FAQs below.

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Further information

  • To receive the Age Pension, you must also meet the Department of Human Service's eligibility criteria.
  • The Australia Taxation Office has details on preservation age, the age at which you can access super.

FAQs - frequently asked questions

Q: Can you estimate how much pension I will receive?

A: No, however our retirement planner will estimate your Centrelink entitlement.

Q: Where can I find out how to access my super?

A: Our getting your super page has information on when you can access your super. Your super fund will be able to tell you how.

Q: When do I become eligible for a TTR pension?

A: You can access a TTR pension as soon as you have reached your super preservation age.

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Last updated: 02 Aug 2019