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  • ASIC lists icon

    ASIC lists

    Check basic facts about people, companies, schemes or personal property.

  • Financial adviser register icon

    Financial advisers register

    Use this register to:

    • search people who provide personal advice on investments, superannuation and life insurance
    • find out details about a financial adviser's professional background and experience.
  • Financial counsellor search icon

    Financial counsellor search

    Helps you find a free counsellor near you to help solve your money problems.

  • Unlicensed companies icon

    Unlicensed companies list

    Protect yourself against scammers by checking this list of companies and individuals you should not deal with that are not licensed by ASIC.

  • Unclaimed money icon

    Unclaimed money

    Find out if you have any lost money from bank accounts, companies (shares and investments) and life insurance policies.

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Last updated: 04 Jan 2019