Parental leave calculator

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This calculator helps you if you're taking time off work to have a baby or care for a child and shows you:

  • what income you'll have over your break so you can plan your money
  • what impact taking a shorter or longer time off work will have on your income

You can use this calculator as an individual or include your partner, if you have one. 

Before you start you will need to know:

  • current salary
  • employer entitlements
  • Government benefits (parental leave pay, dad and partner pay, family tax benefit and parenting payment). Use Department of Human Services' Payment finder to check.
  • other income sources or lump sums (like returns on investments, rental income, savings or gifts of money). Use 'add another item' to include these.
  • your partner's income and entitlements

Estimated time: 10 mins


Change your dates and income amounts to see how your income changes.


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Last updated: 07 Mar 2018