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If you haven't chosen a super fund, your employer must pay your super to a fund that offers MySuper.

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If you're choosing a MySuper fund, use this list as a starting point and seek more information from the 'product dashboards' on super fund websites by clicking on the links in the table. You can also find detailed information in Product Disclosure Statements.

Use this table as a first step in your search for a MySuper fund that suits your needs. The data in this table is limited so be sure to get more details before making a decision.

When you search for MySuper funds in the table below you'll need to filter the results by choosing between these options:

  • Single diversified investment strategy or life cycle strategy - Filter the table by 'single diversified', 'life cycle' or show 'all funds'. Find out more about these MySuper investment options.
  • Public offer funds or private funds - Some super funds are only available to people from a specific employer - these are called private offer funds. Select 'public offer only', meaning anyone can access it, unless you know you have access to a private fund.
  • Fees, return targets or risk - Once you've filtered the table, sort the results by these categories.

Want to know more? Find out more about how MySuper works.

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About the MySuper fund list


The data in this table is drawn from the latest published information provided by super funds to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). See APRA's Quarterly MySuper Statistics September 2018 edition (issued 27 November 2018).

If there is no link to a fund on this webpage it is because the website address was not reported to APRA or the link reported was not a direct link to the fund's product dashboard.

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Last updated: 10 Apr 2019