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 Money health calculators & toolkits

  • Asset stocktake calculator icon svg

    Asset stocktake calculator

    Allows you to:

    • list all of your assets and liabilities
    • get an overview of your current financial position.
  • Divorce and separation icon

    Divorce & separation financial checklist

    Gives you:

    • practical steps to separate your finances
    • create an action checklist
    • get your money on track.
  • Money health check icon svg

    Money health check

    Helps you take control of your money by:

    • asking you some easy questions about your personal finances
    • giving you simple steps and tips to improve your situation.
  • Parental leave calculator icon svg

    Parental leave calculator

    Shows you:

    • what income you'll have over your parental leave so you can plan your money
    • what impact taking a shorter or longer time off work will have on your income.
  • Womens money toolkit icon

    Women's money toolkit

    Helps women:

    • manage money issues
    • gain an edge on finances
    • create a personalised money to do list.
  • Your net worth calculator icon svg

    Your net worth calculator

    Helps you work out:

    • if your total assets outweigh your debts
    • the strength of your current financial situation.

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Last updated: 13 Feb 2017