Money health calculators & toolkits

Check your money health, get a money plan and find out if you have lost money with our calculators and toolkits.

Women's money toolkit
Helps women sort out their financial issues and make the most of their money.

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Divorce & separation financial checklist
Provides practical steps to separate your finances and get your money on track

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Asset stocktake calculator
Use this calculator to list all of your assets and liabilities to get an overview of your current financial position.

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Parental leave calculator
Helps you to work out your income if you're taking time off work to care for a child.

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Money health check
Assess your financial health and get personalised tips for improving it.

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Your net worth calculator
Weigh up your debts and assets to review your financial situation.

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Unclaimed money search
Find out if you have any lost money from bank accounts, companies (shares and investments) and life insurance policies.

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Last updated: 05 May 2016