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Five financial calculators in one

MoneySmart mobile calculator appNeed help with a financial decision while you're out and about? Access five of our most popular calculators in one free app from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Savings calculator - See how quickly you can save for your next big purchase, whether it's an overseas trip, home deposit or car.
  • Loan calculator - Work out your repayments on a personal loan.
  • Mortgage calculator - Calculate your repayments on a home loan. See what happens if interest rates change.
  • Superannuation calculator - Find out how much super you will have when you retire.
  • Interest-free deal calculator - Work out what your interest-free deal will really cost you.

Feedback from mobile calculator users

"Awesome! Love your excel version so happy to have this as an app. Thank you!"

"Simple useful app! Great little app that came in handy for calculating my loan interest!"

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Last updated: 03 Jan 2017