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First Business

First Business On Phone

ASIC's First Business app helps you work towards starting your own business.

Getting into small business can be exciting, but there can be a lot of steps involved. First Business is a great place to start.

The app can help you:

  • Work out whether you are ready to start a business
  • Keep track of requirements relating to running a business
  • Develop your business networks 
  • Save and compile useful websites and information on starting a business

Find out more about First Business.

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MoneySmart Cars

App On PhoneASIC's MoneySmart Cars helps you save money when you're buying a car. You'll get an initial result of what your car will cost and you can further personalise the result by inputting details of your car and loan options.

The MoneySmart Cars app helps you:

  • Work out the real cost of buying and running a car
  • Identify hidden costs
  • Find alternate ways to finance a car

Find out more about MoneySmart Cars.

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Track your savings goals on the go with this easy-to-use app. TrackMyGOALS integrates techniques that we know work for successful savers. It allows you to set, plan, track and manage your savings goals and visualize your progress towards achieving those goals.

The TrackMyGOALS app helps you cultivate good savings habits and reach your dreams by:

  • Creating realistic savings goals
  • Prioritising your goals to ensure they can be achieved
  • Providing positive encouragement by tracking your progress

Find out more about the TrackMyGOALS app. You can also take a look at our infographic on How Australians save money.

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MoneySmart TrackMySPEND app

TrackMySPEND is a free app that shows you what you are spending your money on and puts you in control. It won a Government Services Award at the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards.

  • Track personal expenses on the go
  • Find out where you can save
  • View your spending history on screen or export to a CSV file

Find out more about the TrackMySPEND app.

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Mobile calculator

MoneySmart mobile calculator app

Have you got a financial decision to make? Access five of our most popular calculators in one app:

  • Savings calculator
  • Loan calculator
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Superannuation calculator
  • Interest-free deal calculator

Find out more about the free mobile calculator app.

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Money health check

MoneySmart - money health check app

The money health check helps you work out whether your finances need attention, could be better or are under control.

The money health check will:

  • Give you results tailored to your situation
  • Provide a list of 'to do' actions
  • Allow you to save or email your top 5 actions

Find out more about the money health check app.

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Last updated: 20 Jan 2017