Account-based pension calculator

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This calculator helps you work out:

  • how long can you expect your pension to last 
  • if you can make it last longer with lower fees or a different investment option
  • see how long your pension will last compared to another fund

For more information see calculator disclaimers & further information below.

Estimated time: 5 mins

account based pensionAccount-based pension calculator

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Disclaimers & further information


  • This is a model not a prediction. Results are only estimates and the actual amounts may be
    higher or lower. We cannot predict things such as movements in investment markets.
  • This calculator should not be your sole source of information when making a financial decison.
    You should consider getting advice from a licensed financial adviser.
  • This calculator does not allow for the temporary drawdown relief that is available until June 2013.

Further information

  • You will need your account-based pension details, latest super account statement
  • You need Microsoft Office (Excel) 2003 or higher. Note: Other spreadsheet software, eg. Numbers and Open Office, is not currently supported.

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Last updated: 13 Feb 2017