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vet-will-wallMoney management skills for VET students

MoneySmart offers a number of online resources to develop the personal money management skills of VET students,  apprentices, trainees  and senior high school students. 

For students considering self-employment or starting a small business after finishing school, understanding money and finance is vital.

First Business resources

ASIC's First Business resources have been developed to help young people thinking about going into small business. The resources include:

The First Business online module includes eight sections and covers getting started, business planning, budgeting, tax requirements and insurance.

Each section includes a scenario to put everything in context, reflect on and help grow  business ideas and an activity to apply new knowledge.

First Business online module

The First Business app helps prepare young people who are starting their own business.

It includes sections on working out whether you are ready to get started, keeping track of requirements for running a business, developing business networks and it saves and compiles useful websites and information on starting a business.

Our new app is a great place for students to start their small business journey.

First Business app

ASIC's Be MoneySmart

ASIC's Be MoneySmart is an online training resource for VET students (including apprentices and trainees) and senior high school students. The resource helps students to develop money management skills which support their future careers in small business or as contractors.

This resource can also be used by community educators, job service providers and financial counsellors for non-formal training sessions with their clients.

ASIC's Be MoneySmart offers five online modules:

  • Saving, budgeting and spending - Students establish savings goals, create a budget and a savings plan.
  • Personal tax - Students establish a system for storing receipts and work through tax topics so they can prepare a return.
  • Superannuation - Students compare super funds, work through a super statement and learn how to keep track of their super.
  • Debt management - Students compare debt products, learn to manage credit cards and find out what to do if debt becomes a problem.
  • Insurance - Students investigate car, home and content insurance and learn how to choose the right type of insurance and level of cover.

Each module features real life examples and video case studies of young people from a range of occupations. The modules support 1 hour of online activity and 2 hours of offline study. Each module includes a student workbook.

ASIC's Be MoneySmart brochure highlights several ways the resource can be used.

Video: VET experts talk about ASIC's Be MoneySmart

Video of VET experts talk about ASIC's Be MoneySmart

Find out what leaders in the VET sector say about ASIC's Be MoneySmart and how it can help apprentices and trainees get money skills.

Delivering ASIC's Be MoneySmart

This PD course will be retired on 30 APRIL as it will be moving to the Open Learning platform. 
If you have not completed the course by then, your results will be lost.

ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching have developed an online professional development module to assist teachers, trainers and community educators in using ASIC's Be MoneySmart resource with learners

This module helps educators:

  • Gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of ASIC's Be MoneySmart resource
  • Consider strategies to deliver the Be MoneySmart resource in accredited and non-accredited settings
  • Understand the flexibility of the program and how to deliver the topics in a meaningful way to your learners
  • Understand how the program maps to the unit of competency FNSFLT301 Be MoneySmart (part of the Financial Services Training Package)

Delivering ASIC's Be MoneySmart

For trainers and assessors

Be MoneySmart has been designed to support the delivery of the unit of competency FNSFLT301 - Be MoneySmart, either as an imported unit in a variety of courses, or as part of the Certificate III in Financial Services (FNS30111).

The online modules can also be used as part of non-accredited training for general money management skills programs.

Be MoneySmart can be accessed for free using the links to each module above. Organisations who wish to obtain the trainer/assessor guide or a copy of the resource for use in their learning management systems or intranets can complete the following form.

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Last updated: 16 Apr 2019