MoneySmart Town

MoneySmart Town Screenshot 1Money management game for primary students

MoneySmart Town is a competitive role-playing, money management game designed for primary students.

The goal is for students to successfully manage their money  through a series of random and planned financial events and challenges, while keeping their virtual family happy and healthy.

Students begin the game by choosing an avatar, a job, family members and a place to live. They earn money through their jobs and by answering consumer and financial literacy challenge questions that pop up throughout the game.

Students are encouraged to save their money so they can pay regular and unexpected bills and buy things like furniture for their virtual house or a new car. 

Register your class to play the game

Teachers can access the game through Skooville, a secure web environment where children are protected while learning and communicating with their peers. Find out more about the Skooville platform.

Contact ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching team at to find out how to register your class to play MoneySmart Town.


Last updated: 31 Aug 2015