Knowing Growing Showing

Knowing Showing Growing BannerKnowing Growing Showing is a financial literacy resource for teachers to support authentic and meaningful learning for Indigenous students.

What is Knowing Growing Showing

Knowing Growing Showing supports teachers to engage students in financial literacy by connecting with and building upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and community values, histories, world views and lived experiences.

The resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum, and provides a flexible approach to teaching and learning for teachers to meet students where they are in their learning as well as offering opportunities for extension.

The resource has been developed in three learning stages:

Each learning stage includes guiding ideas support each stage of learning in a way that is meaningful and empowering for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. and scene setting scenarios teachers can adapt to suit the learning needs of their students. Each unit provides focus questions for teachers to initiate conversations with students around key concepts about money and finances.

Video: Introducing Knowing Growing Showing

Video about Knowing Growing Showing

Tony Dreise, Principal Research Fellow for Indigenous Education (ACER) introduces Knowing Growing and Showing and explains the benefits of the resource. 

Transcript: Introducing Knowing Growing Showing

Learning stages

Knowing - what is money is an introductory learning stage where students engage with the basics of money and develop a foundational understanding of consumer and financial literacy.

Knowing With Text

Growing - money, you and community is an intermediate  stage, where students learn more about the different forms that money can take, develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as consumers and  develop skills in making smart choices with money.

Growing With Text

Showing - money and enterprise is an intensive learning stage, where students engage in applied learning and demonstrate their financial literacy skills through projects, events, and understanding enterprise.

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Last updated: 03 Feb 2017