Digital activity - Needs and wants

This resource helps young students consider the difference between needs and wants.

Level 1

This level helps young students consider the difference between something that is essential for a school day, versus other things that are not needed (either because they are not required for the activities at the user's school, or because they are wants not needs).

A character is presented and the students are asked to consider what he needs for school. The teacher leads students in a discussion about the various items shown and selects which ones are needed for school in their own real-life situation.

A second stage presents the selected and left over items for comparison and reflection.

Level 2

This level is contextually related in that the students are asked to choose a new T-shirt for the same character in level 1. The teacher leads students in comparing three identical T-shirts that display different advertising. The teacher is able to show that the T-shirts are exactly the same, even though the advertising around each shirt is different.

Both levels contain activites that are intended for teacher-led interaction on interactive whiteboards. Each level takes approximately 15 minutes.

The activities can be used as a stand-alone resource or in conjunction with the interactive book 'Ava makes a difference' or the MoneySmart unit of work 'Pancakes can make a difference'.

Each activity is supported by teacher notes, parent notes and a curriculum map.


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Resources key

Year Level

  • Foundation - 2


Understanding money

  • Needs and wants

Learning area

  • English

Learning dimension

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Competence
  • Responsibility and enterprise

General capability

  • Personal and social competence


Teacher resource

  • Teacher notes and solution

Student resource

  • Activity
  • Interactive
  • Game
  • Group work

Last updated: 05 Mar 2018