Why have MoneySmart Schools?

ASIC is responsible for improving the financial literacy of Australians at all life stages. We recognise the significant role that schools and teachers play in helping young people develop good money habits and the value of including financial education in school curricula.

Why consumer and financial literacy should be taught in schools

Young people should be taught consumer and financial literacy so they can:

  • understand the language of money and understand the consumer and financial landscape
  • plan the management of their finances in order to spend, save, donate and invest wisely
  • understand risk and reward and exercise consumer rights and responsibilities
  • develop enterprising behaviours

Schools and teachers are ideally placed to help young Australians develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

If children do not get these skills, the poor financial decisions they make later in life can have a long-lasting impact on their lives.

ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching program, developed in consultation with Australian educators, gives young people the opportunity to start their financial education from the very beginning of their schooling.

Money makes the world go around

Video: Money Makes the World Go Around

Video about helping kids understand invisible money

This video highlights the need to teach consumer and financial literacy in schools. Featuring key social trends and compelling statistics, this powerful digital animation illustrates the demands of a modern world on young people when money is invisible.

Why become a MoneySmart School?

Becoming a MoneySmart School has many advantages:

  • Staff development - Your school will receive ongoing staff development and leadership opportunities on a nationally significant and sustainable project.
  • Project Officer support - You will be supported by a dedicated MoneySmart Teaching Project Officer in the delivery of training, curriculum implementation and community engagement approaches.
  • Promotional support - You will receive public relations and marketing support to promote your commitment to consumer and financial literacy education to your school and local community.
  • Showcase your efforts - Your school will also have the opportunity to showcase your consumer and financial literacy initiatives on this website.

What MoneySmart Schools do

A MoneySmart School: 

  • Equips students with the skills they need to participate in their communities as confident and informed consumers.
  • Encourages teachers to integrate consumer and financial literacy into their daily teaching in a planned way with the support of ASIC's freely available resources.
  • Promotes active learning communities that support sustainable school approaches to consumer and financial literacy education for their students, staff and wider community.
  • Grows and nurtures local consumer and financial literacy education champions and partners.

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Last updated: 18 Jun 2018