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Supporting young people to be in control of their financial lives

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Ten schools have begun financial literacy projects to teach students how to manage money. The projects will also boost teachers' financial health and confidence in delivering financial literacy education in the classroom.

The projects stem from the first round of the MoneySmart Grants for Principals - a joint initiative between ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching program and the Australian Primary Principals Association.

Projects feature gardens, market days, a café,  product development, a financial literacy classroom and a multimedia project.

Applications for the second round of grants for 2020 begin in October 2019, with a third round opening in 2020. The grants are open to all primary school principals.

Grant recipients and projects

Australian Capital Territory

Latham Primary School

  • Year 5 and 6 students will set up a market day to sell food and drinks to other students and parents.
  • Students will learn about running a small business in terms of budgeting, marketing and advertising as well as balancing quality, price, time, cost, and profit and loss.
  • To prepare, students will visit local markets to see how the stalls are run. The school will invite a local guest speaker to talk to the students about financial literacy, public speaking and marketing, establishing links with local businesses for a longer-term mentoring program.

New South Wales

St Bernard's Primary School 

  • Year 3 students will build a self-funding market garden within the school. Students will sell what they produce. Profits raised will be reinvested and generate donations to a local charity that provides meals to the homeless.
  • Students will learn money management, planning, budgeting, advertising and marketing skills. Future classes throughout the school will keep the market running.

Ss Peter & Paul's Parish Primary School 

  • Year 5 and 6 STEM project students will create a financial literacy classroom that features an ATM and shop with a cash register. Teachers will then be able to book the classroom for their students.
  • Students will learn more about their relationship with money and the way it flows through aspects of their life including earning, saving, budgeting and spending. Students will also learn how to budget for the materials to build the ATM and register.

Medowie Christian School

  • Years 5 and 6 students will create a vegetable patch with a worm farm where they will produce products to sell at a school market day. Students will also create products from recycled materials to sell at the market day.
  • Students will budget, purchase, project manage and sell products.


Pomonal Primary School

  • Run a stall at the local monthly Pomonal community market. Students will research and create products that promote sustainability to sell at the market and on Facebook. Sales will raise money to help the school build a student kitchen and maintain its pantry stocks.
  • Students will learn about setting up a small business, creating a business plan, product development, marketing, equipment purchasing, manufacturing, budgeting, balance, expenditure and profit. The project will develop into an educational unit to be continued at the school and shared with other schools.

Western Australia

Kingsway Christian College and Willandra Primary School

  • This cross sectorial project between an independent and government school will see both schools collaborate on producing a digital interactive medium. The medium will feature Aboriginal culture through highlighting significant indigenous landmarks in Perth.
  • Students will boost their financial literacy by developing skills in budgeting, financial planning, sales and marketing.
  • Future students will maintain the product and keep its content current.

Ashdale Primary School

  • Year 6 students will develop a small business based on a financially viable product that they will sell to the community during a school market-style event. Students will complete market research, cost their product, determine profit and develop a marketing and advertising strategy.
  • Grant funds will help students purchase materials to make their product.
  • The project will also provide younger students with lessons on how business advertising impacts their purchasing decisions while they purchase goods at the market.

Sacred Heart School Beagle Bay

  • Set up a school café during lunch for the students at this remote Aboriginal community. The café will sell lunch to students, people in the community and possibly tourists.
  • Students will learn how to run a business through budgeting, ordering, expenditures and income.

Northern Territory

St Paul's Catholic Primary School

  • Students research, budget and buy materials to establish a sensory garden. This will involve a shopping trip to price items and calculate costs.
  • They will also manage trades people and assist with the garden and its design.

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Last updated: 23 May 2019