How teachers can use MoneySmart

MoneySmart is for you in and out of the classroom


1. Teaching resources

We have a range of financial literacy education resources for teachers and parents.

All resources are vetted by a quality assurance process and are mapped to the Australian Curriculum and the  National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework

2. Professional development for you

Quality teaching is critical for student development and success. Professional development is critical for growing and supporting great teachers.

MoneySmart provides professional development resources aligned to the Australian professional standards for teachers, so you can effectively develop young peoples skills and understanding around money.

Here are some of the professional development courses we offer:

Online learning


3. MoneySmart Teaching in schools

The MoneySmart Teaching program has been integrated into a number of schools across Australia.

Take a look at some of the ways MoneySmart Teaching is being used in schools.

Video: What Singleton Primary School teachers think about ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching Program

Video about checking a bank statement

Teachers discuss how they use MoneySmart Teaching Units of Work in their classrooms and how students apply what they learn to their everyday life.

Take a look at some of the other ways Singleton Primary School have incorporated consumer and financial literacy based initiatives.

Video: Why use ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching?

Video about ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching program

Wingham High School staff discuss the benefits of the MoneySmart Teaching Program and why it was important to implement in their school. 

Take a look at some of the other ways Wingham High School have incorporated consumer and financial literacy based initiatives.

4. Be a MoneySmart teacher

In order to teach financial literacy effectively it can help to develop your own financial knowledge and have an understanding of why it is important to make this part of your teaching approach.

We have a lot of information to help you to better manage your money, including information on:

MoneySmart also offers a range of calculators and apps, videos and quizzes to guide you on your financial path, that can also be used in the classroom.

Video: Why add financial literacy to your teacher toolkit?

Video about financial literacy and teaching

Why is consumer and financial literacy important when it comes to teaching?

5. Financial health for teachers

Financial Health for Teachers is a personal learning program developed in partnership with Scott Pape, the 'Barefoot Investor'.

The videos of teachers sharing their financial stories are designed to help you feel confident and in control of your money.

Try some of Scott Pape's Money Challenges below, and take charge of your finances.

Video: Scott Pape's pay off your mortgage faster challenge

Video about buying your first home .

Take Scott Pape's money challenge that can help you pay off mortgage faster and own your home.

MoneySmart Teaching is a comprehensive program to develop the consumer and financial literacy capabilities of both teachers and students. 

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Last updated: 30 Aug 2018