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  1. Investment and insurance bonds

    Investment bonds, also known as insurance bonds or growth bonds, are investments offered by insurance companies and friendly societies. ... Rules for investment bonds. 10 year rule. Investment bonds are tax paid investments. - 140 k - [html] - Cached - 15 May 2019

  2. Disaster proof your finances

    Life insurance policies. Home, contents, car and other insurance policies (apps like Know Risk can help you retain these policy details). ... Superannuation papers. Investment documents (securities, share certificates, bonds). Details of funeral - 132 k - [html] - Cached - 26 Apr 2019

  3. Wills & powers of attorney

    Bank account details. Superannuation papers. Investment documents (securities, share certificates, bonds). ... Medicare card. Medical insurance details. Pensioner concession card. Any pre-paid funeral arrangements. - 138 k - [html] - Cached - 13 Feb 2019

  4. What to do if you've been scammed

    Who to report the scam to. Financial and investment scams. - including those involving superannuation, managed funds, financial advice, financial products, insurance. ... Claiming they can recover your losses for a fee they say is a tax, deposit or - 134 k - [html] - Cached - 31 Oct 2018

  5. Indigenous - Paying for funerals

    Bonds are not widely advertised so you will need to ask specifically for a funeral bond. ... Savings. Pre-paid funeral. Bond. Insurance. Insurance 'expenses only'. If I've made all the payments, what happens when I pass away? - 149 k - [html] - Cached - 03 Aug 2018

  6. Complex investments

    Infrastructure investments. An infrastructure investment is an investment in a registered managed investment scheme or infrastructure company, that invests your money in projects like roads, railways, ports, airports, telecommunications facilities, - 137 k - [html] - Cached - 12 Dec 2018

  7. Losing your partner

    Banking records. Credit, charge and store cards. Taxation records. Superannuation. Records of investments. ... Unclaimed money: Check if your partner is owed any money from lost bank accounts, shares, investments or life insurance policies using the - 138 k - [html] - Cached - 12 Feb 2019

  8. Text version: Investing between the flags

    You ignore your investment statements and have no idea how your investments are performing. ... managed - bond trusts. Property investments. direct - investment properties (usually residential property). - 209 k - [html] - Cached - 24 Oct 2018

  9. Investments paying interest

    When interest-bearing investments like bonds or capital notes are listed, they can be traded on an exchange such as the ASX, which makes them easier to value and buy and ... Not all investments paying interest are suitable for all purposes. Just because - 134 k - [html] - Cached - 10 Dec 2018

  10. Paying for your funeral

    Funeral bonds. Funeral bonds are an investment product that can help you save for funeral expenses. ... You can invest in a bond either directly through an investment company, such as a friendly society or life insurance company, or directly from a - 141 k - [html] - Cached - 12 Feb 2019

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