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  1. exchange-traded fund

    Search. Search query. Glossary - exchange-traded fund. exchange-traded fund. A managed fund or unit trust that is quoted and traded on a stock exchange such as the ASX. - 124 k - [html] - Cached - 30 Jul 2015

  2. Synthetic exchange traded funds (ETFs)

    Search. Search query. Synthetic exchange traded funds (ETFs). More complex ETFs. ... strategies. (See exchange traded funds for more information.) But synthetic ETFs also have unique features and risks to be aware of. - 139 k - [html] - Cached - 14 Aug 2015

  3. Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

    Search. Search query. Exchange traded funds (ETFs). ETFs. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) can be a simple and low-cost way to get investment returns similar to a share index or another ... There are also active ETFs, sometimes referred to as exchange - 143 k - [html] - Cached - 15 Oct 2018

  4. Text version: Thinking of trading CFDs

    All ASX exchange-traded CFD trades are centrally cleared and processed by ASX Clear (Futures) Pty Limited, which can also draw on money in the Fidelity Fund. ... ASX exchange-traded CFDs can only be traded through brokers authorised to trade these CFDs. - 206 k - [html] - Cached - 21 Nov 2018

  5. net asset value (NAV)

    For example, the net asset value of a managed fund or exchange traded fund per unit would be calculated by subtracting the fund's liabilities from the fund's assets and - 125 k - [html] - Cached - 30 Aug 2017

  6. Exchange traded products (ETPs)

    Exchange traded funds ETFs - A type of  managed fund that can be a low-cost way to get investment returns similar to a share index or another underlying asset. ... ETFs (including synthetic ETFs). structured products. exchange traded managed funds - 132 k - [html] - Cached - 15 Oct 2018

  7. Text version: Investing between the flags

    Self-managed super funds. If you're thinking about a self-managed super fund (SMSF), be aware of the costs, legal duties, and the restrictions on how money in these funds ... This rule applies to individual shares, asset classes, managed funds and the - 209 k - [html] - Cached - 24 Oct 2018

  8. Other exchange traded products

    Structured products, actively managed exchange traded funds (active ETFs) and exchange traded hedge funds are traded on the ASX AQUA market. ... While some of these names sound similar to 'exchange traded funds', they are quite different. - 138 k - [html] - Cached - 12 Dec 2018

  9. How to buy & sell shares

    Indirect share investments. Managed funds. When you invest in a managed fund, your money is pooled with that of other investors. ... Exchange traded funds (ETF). An Exchange traded fund ETF invests in a basket of shares that make up an index, e.g. - 148 k - [html] - Cached - 12 Feb 2019

  10. Text version: Investing in unlisted debentures and unsecured notes

    Separate booklets on other unlisted investments-mortgage funds and property trusts-are also available. ... ASIC expects that most issuers will have a firm policy on how they lend funds. - 151 k - [html] - Cached - 09 Sep 2015

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