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  1. Credit reports

    What's in your credit report? Your credit report contains information about your credit history. ... on your credit report which gives a more complete picture of your credit history. - 151 k - [html] - Cached - 01 Nov 2018

  2. credit file

    Search. Search query. Glossary - credit file. credit file. A file kept by a credit reporting agency that shows your credit history. ... See also credit report andLast updated: 10 May 2018. - 129 k - [html] - Cached - 10 May 2018

  3. Trouble with debt

    to tell your credit or service provider that you're experiencing financial hardship. ... Debt solution companies. It might sound like a good idea to pay someone to help fix your credit history, but credit repair agencies and debt solution companies may - 144 k - [html] - Cached - 30 Jan 2019

  4. Identity fraud

    You have difficulty obtaining a credit card or a loan because of an inexplicably bad credit rating. ... Check your credit report to see what companies have checked your credit history recently, and let them know not to authorise any new accounts in your - 143 k - [html] - Cached - 27 Feb 2019

  5. Factsheet: Your credit report

    Your credit report details your credit history. Credit reporting agencies collect information from credit providers who subscribe to their services. ... In most cases, default listings and other information about your credit history cannot be removed - 134 k - [html] - Cached - 05 Nov 2018

  6. Relationships and money

    The bank will consider the incomes and credit histories of you and your partner when you apply for a joint credit card, and you will be equally liable for repaying ... This can be useful if you have a better credit history or higher income than your - 144 k - [html] - Cached - 13 Feb 2019

  7. About us

    ASIC's regulatory role. ASIC is the corporate, markets and financial services and consumer credit regulator. ... Visit our how to complain webpage for information on banking, credit or investment complaints. - 134 k - [html] - Cached - 29 Oct 2018

  8. Peer to peer lending

    When borrowers apply for a loan, the platform operator will evaluate their suitability by checking their credit history and their capacity to repay the loan. ... Like all credit providers who offer consumer loans, P2P lending platforms must lend - 148 k - [html] - Cached - 22 Nov 2018

  9. No claim bonus on car insurance

    the rating level you held with your previous car insurer. your claims history (and the claims of other drivers covered by your policy). ... How is my claims history used to calculate my premium? How much discount do I get from my no claim bonus? - 138 k - [html] - Cached - 31 Jan 2019

  10. Credit repair

    Search. Search query. Credit repair. Don't pay to fix your credit history - do it yourself. ... Fix your credit history. Credit repair companies may claim they can improve your credit rating by having negative information removed from your credit report, - 140 k - [html] - Cached - 23 Jul 2018

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