Report a scam

Scam reporting - vital to catching scammers

Think you have been scammed? You should report the scam to a government agency so you can find out  about your rights and options. 

Different agencies deal with different scams. Here is a list of who deals with what.

Where to report different scams

Type of scam Who to report the scam to

Financial and investment scams
- including those involving superannuation, managed funds, financial advice, financial products, insurance

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Report misconduct to ASIC

Banking and credit card scams Your bank or financial institution
Your local police

Tax scams
- or identity theft involving tax file numbers

Australian Taxation Office
ATO: Verify or report a scam
or phone 1800 060 062

Scams from overseas or interstate
- including false billing or chain letter scams

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ACCC: Report a scam

Scams from your state or territory Your state's fair trading or consumer affairs office 
Spam emails

Australian Communications and Media Authority
ACMA: how can I report spam 

Spam emails that request your personal or banking information should also be reported to your bank (only use contact details that do not appear in the email).

 Fraud, theft and other crimes  Your local police station or the Australian Federal Police
 Not sure what type of scam it is?

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
SCAMwatch: Report a scam


Australian Cybercrime Online reporting network

What ASIC does when you report a scam

When an investment scam is reported, ASIC will check whether the company is licensed. If the company is based overseas, ASIC will try to make contact and tell them to stop operating in Australia. Once you submit a report ASIC will try to contact you to discuss your concerns.

Getting your money back

Generally, ASIC will not be able to get your money back if you have sent money to overseas companies, as these companies are out of our jurisdiction. But it is still important that you report scams to help stop them spreading.

If you help to stop even one more person from becoming a scam victim, you are doing your bit to stop scams.

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Last updated: 08 Nov 2017