Lead Capital Partners

ASIC advises this company could be involved in a scam. Do not deal with this business as it is unlicensed in Australia.

The business listed below has made unsolicited calls or sent emails about investing, financial advice, credit or loans and does not hold a current Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence or an Australian Credit licence from ASIC.

More information on dealing with investment scams and banking and credit card scams.


Lead Capital Partners

1330 6th Avenue New York City NY 10019 USA and 329 Three Pacific Place 1 Queen's Road East Hong Kong
Ph: (917) 791-7558 and +852 5808 9372
Email: hello@leadcapitalpartners.com

Account name: Langley International
Account number:
Bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


Last updated: 07 Sep 2017