Case study credit card scam

Scammers get Veronica's credit card details

Woman on the phone reporting a credit card scam to her bank Veronica was expecting a new credit card when she received a call from a man saying he was from her bank. The man apologised for the delay in sending her credit card but said he needed her to confirm the details so the card could be sent.

She thought the request was a little strange but didn't question it. The man also asked her for her address and date of birth and she gave this information to him.

She started to get suspicious when he hung up on her after she asked him why he was after those details.

Veronica immediately called her bank, who told her that the limit on her credit card had been spent that day and her phone banking had been activated. She had never used phone banking before and had not used the card that day.

The information she had given the man on the phone was enough for him to answer the bank's security questions and activate phone banking. Using phone banking, the scammer had transferred money from her savings account to her credit card so that a further cash withdrawal could be taken from her credit card.

Veronica later realised that mail had been stolen from her letter box, including documents which had her full name and date of birth.

Veronica eventually got her money back from the bank, after reporting the incident to them.

She became very wary of scams and regularly checked her bank account statements to ensure all the purchases were hers. She also put a lock on her letterbox so only she could access her mail.

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Last updated: 22 Jun 2017