Mortgage stress interviews

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Making mortgage payments can be difficult at the best of times, but can be made more difficult if there is an unexpected change in your circumstances. Illness, losing your job or breaking up with your partner can seriously effect your financial situation and your ability to make mortgage repayments on time, or at all.

The following videos tell the stories of 4 real Australians, the mortgage difficulties they experienced and how they got their circumstances back on track.

Watch our mortgage stress interviews to see how people handled problems paying their mortgage.

Mortgage stress interviews

Video: Kathryn survives tough times and saves her home

Financial hardship and Mortgage troubles video

Kathryn talks about how she and her husband coped when they got behind on their mortgage after he was retrenched. She manages to save the family home by applying for hardship to her lender and seeing a financial counsellor.

Video: Brian is at his wits' end when he gets legal help

Free legal advice for Mortgage Problems video

Brian tells how he struggled with his mortgage but found the help he needed when he got free legal advice.

Video: Tony's health problems lead to mortgage problems

free legal advice for financial hardship video

Tony got into financial difficulty when his health deteriorated. He explains how he got  free legal advice from the Consumer Credit Legal Centre.

Video: Jack shares his experiences of financial hardship

financial counselling during financial hardship video

Jack talks about how he got into financial trouble and sought help from a financial counsellor.

Help with your mortgage

The following case studies provide practical help and additional tips on how to deal with problems repaying your mortgage.

Keeping your mortgage on track

Keeping your mortgage on track

See how Tran copes after an interest rate rise.

Missed a mortgage repayment

Missed a mortgage repayment?

See what the Da Silvas do when they miss a mortgage repayment.

Behind on your mortgage

Behind on your mortgage?

See how Becky's divorce affects her mortgage.

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Last updated: 03 Apr 2018