Problems paying your mortgage

Get back on track

Most people cope with their mortgage repayments but when something happens out of the blue, they can struggle. Breaking up with your partner, losing your job or illness can play havoc with your finances.

Perhaps you are simply stretched to make your repayments on your current income. Here are some practical steps to ease the strain on yourself and your mortgage.

Where are you at with your mortgage?

Which one best describes your situation?


Watch our mortgage stress interviews to see how people handled problems paying their mortgage. 

Mortgage stress interview - Kathryn

Kathryn: Survives tough times and saves her home

Mortgage stress interview - Brian

Brian: Is at his wits' end when he gets legal help

Mortgage stress interview - Tony

Tony: Health problems lead to mortgage problems

Mortgage stress interview - Jack

Jack: Shares his experience of financial hardship

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Last updated: 20 Jun 2017