Building super staff

Are you an employer who wants to build the life skills of your staff? Do you care about the financial wellbeing of your people?

Financial matters can be a complex area for many people. The resources on this website have been developed to help businesses help their staff.

About our workplace resources

Running a lunchtime workshop or team information session is a great way to inform your staff. What's good for your people is good for your business.

The presentations below provide useful information, links to resources and a helping hand. Accompanying the presentations are facilitator's guides to help deliver the information, which includes links to find out more, extensive notes and suggested wording.

These resources can only be changed with ASIC's permission and must be attributed to ASIC's MoneySmart website at all times.

If you're running a workplace event using these or other resources we'd love to hear from you to get your feedback and make improvements. Contact us at

Money health check

This presentation provides information on managing your money, budgeting, saving and touches on home loans and superannuation. It is suitable for any workplace and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Money health check.

How super works

This presentation provides information on the basics of super including making contributions, choosing a super fund, investment options, fees and insurance. This is suited to new and/or young staff.

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Last updated: 08 Mar 2017