Women's money challenges

This women's money challenges infographic looks at the everyday challenges women face and the small steps they can take now that can make a big difference later.

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Women's money challenges (accessible text version)

How women manage day-to-day

8:00am  - Meeting at work

  • Paid work - 65% of women aged 20-74 years are in paid employment (1)

11:15am - Phone call with Dad's surgeon

  • Caring for others - 32.5% of women have caring responsibilities for a parent(2)

5:45pm - Pick up Anna from after school care

  • Families - 62.2% of employed women with a child under 5 work part-time(1)

6.30pm - Dinner time

  • Household duties - Full time working women with children spend 44 hours a week on household duties(3)

Short term priorities

80% of women say their top financial priority is providing for their family's day to day needs(4)

Women and super

Average superannuation balance at retirement(2)

  • 231K - Women
  • 454K - Men

Why do women have less superannuation?

  • Time out of the workforce
  • Part-time work
  • Caring responsibilities

Women live longer - average life expectancy for women has increased to 84.4 years(5)

SMALL steps now make a BIG difference later

Get to know your super better

  • Consolidate funds
  • Keep track of your balance
  • Pay a little extra into super

Make a plan for the longer term

  • Manage your mortgage
  • Family experiences
  • Reward yourself

Build a savings buffer for life's ups and downs

  • Changes in employment
  • Relationship problems
  • Medical issues


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Last updated: 06 Nov 2018