Women talk money campaign

Encouraging women to have money conversations

Women face specific challenges when it comes to managing their money. Many women take time out of the paid workforce to care for others, which reduces their retirement savings. With a longer life expectancy than men, this often puts women in a particularly vulnerable position when it comes to their finances.

To address these challenges, ASIC's Laura Higgins sat down with four influential and inspirational Australian women to chat about their money experiences and to encourage all women to have their own money conversations with friends and family.

Watch the Women talk money videos

In these videos, four prominent Australian women share their money stories, with a focus on:

  • managing money day-to-day
  • planning and saving for the future
  • making informed financial decisions.

Women featured in the campaign

We selected four influential and inspirational Australian women to share their personal insights and stories around managing money. Here's some information about each of them.

Faustina Agolley - TV host, actor and DJ

Faustina Agolley"Get a bit Beyonce about it and think about how you want your future to look. That's where the power is: asking yourself the questions so you can set up the goals."

Former host of The Voice and Australia's most watched music program, Video Hits, Faustina shares her money story and discusses the importance of setting clear financial goals.

Jane Caro - Author and social commentator

Jane Caro"What money really gets you is choices. It's such a lovely place to be, to be able to say no when someone asks you to do something you really don't want to."

A regular panellist on The Gruen Transfer, author of five books and an in-demand speaker and columnist, Jane discusses her experiences with money and what's next as she plans for life after work.

Sarah Moran - Co-founder and CEO of Girl Geek Academy

Sarah Moran"There's very few ways you can actually make yourself awesome in the future. For me, super is very important. I think, 'how do I want to die?' I don't want to be poor, I want to be bad ass rich!"

Sarah co-founded Girl Geek Academy, a global movement encouraging women to learn technology, create start-ups and buld more of the Internet. Sarah talks about establishing and developing good money habits in her business.

Kate Ritchie - Actor and radio host

Kate Ritchie"We're just thinking about the day to day. We should be thinking about how we can make ourselves great down the track and not just for today."

Best known for her portrayal of Sally Fletcher on Home and Away for more than 20 years, and now co-host of Australia's national drive show 'Kate, Tim & Marty' on Nova FM, Kate discusses her money story and the advice she'd give her younger self about dealing with money.

Why we developed the Women talk money campaign

ASIC is the lead agency responsible for the National Financial Capability Strategy, which aims to improve the capability of all Australians to be in control of their financial lives.

The Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviours Tracker (2017) shows that women continue to report lower levels of financial confidence and understanding of investment concepts, with 46% of females reporting they find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming.

The Women talk money campaign is designed to:

  • highlight some of the major challenges women face around money
  • inspire women to share their own money stories and experiences with their friends and family
  • motivate and inspire Australian women to actively engage with their money and finances
  • build Australian women's financial confidence.

Start your own money conversation

Starting a conversation about money doesn't have to be awkward or painful. We're encouraging Australian women to talk to their partners, friends, children and other family members about good and bad money habits, financial decisions they've made in their lives, and planning for the future.

The conversation doesn't need to be about how much you earn, but the way you manage your money day to day, plan for the future and make informed money decisions. Why not consider topics like:

  • your best and worst financial decisions
  • one thing you'd like to change about your relationship with money
  • who you turn to for money advice and guidance
  • what you're doing (or what you need to do) to plan for your retirement.

We want women to feel empowered to take control of their own financial future and to back themselves, no matter what life may throw at them.

If this campaign motivates you to start having money conversations with your family or friends and you'd like to tell us about it, we would love to hear from you. Email feedback@moneysmart.gov.au with some details and we will be in touch.

Promoting the Women talk money videos

The videos are being distributed through ASIC's MoneySmart social media channels, and a number of other stakeholders.

You are welcome to follow us on social media and share our posts.

If you have a website where you would like to embed the campaign videos, or if you want to use them on your social media channels, contact us at feedback@moneysmart.gov.au.

Take control of your financial future by actively engaging with your money today.

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Last updated: 27 Aug 2018