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Here are some facts about the unique challenges women face when it comes to money.

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Women & money - facts about unique challenges faced by women (accessible text version)

Baby steps towards financial security

"Having our child has been our biggest financial challenge yet. Raising kids can be costly and we have to make sure we keep an eye on where our money is going." Rachel, 35

Fact: A first child can cost up to $13,000 in the first year. 

Get your super on track

"I took time off work to look after the kids and now my partner has more super than me." Ali, 46

Fact:  Men have $197,054 in super balance at retirement. Women have $104,734 in super balance at retirement (1).

Staying financially afloat during life's ups & downs

"We've really had a tough run of late. First came the redundancy and now I need to care for my mother…it's really stretching our finances." Suki, 42

Fact:  The average credit card debt in Australia is $3,797.

Managing the family budget

"Working part time means I can spend time with the kids but we have to be more careful with our money." Emily, 32

Fact: Almost half of female workers work part time. 1 in 6 male workers work part time (3).

Take control of your money

"I've been living week to week for as long as I can remember but now I really want to get a handle on my finances." Caitlyn, 26

Fact: People who publicly commit to their goals are more likely to achieve them.

Sound familar?

Visit our Women's money toolkit for guidance on managing your money.


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Last updated: 08 Aug 2018