Sorting out rental problems

To avoid disputes over your lease, carefully read the terms of your rental agreement before you sign and get help if you need it. Here are some places to go for help.

When things go wrong

You could have one of these problems:

  • You are behind with your rental repayments or other debts like a credit card or personal loan
  • You are unsure about a contract you have signed
  • You are having problems with your landlord or another tenant

You may get into legal trouble by not paying what you owe and there may be long term effects for you if you don't pay your rent.

If you are having money problems you can get free help from a financial counsellor who can get you back on the right path with sensible budgeting. They can also help you talk to creditors and explain your legal obligations. Find a financial counsellor in your area.

Video: Sophie rents using credit

Sophie rents using credit video

In this video, Sophie talks about how she moved out of home but her finances got away from her. Hear what she did to get her money back under control and back to enjoying life with her friends.

You can also call a tenant union or government agency for help with your rental problems.

Government consumer agencies and fair trading offices

Tenants' unions and advocacy groups

Government housing assistance

If you have to leave home but can't afford a place to stay, you might also be eligible for support from the government housing authority in your state:

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2018