Protecting your phone

Losing your mobile phone or not using it securely can cost you lots of money and also lead to other problems if someone misuses your personal data.

Set up your mobile phone security

Loss and theft

If you lose your mobile phone, you not only lose money - you can also give other people important information about yourself.

Smart Tip

If you lose your mobile or it's stolen, immediately ask your mobile service provider to block your phone. You can always get it unblocked if you find it later. Backup any important data like contacts from your mobile so you can restore the information to a new phone.

Here are some ways to protect your phone:

  • Lock your phone so no-one else can use it (use a PIN or screen lock)
  • Lock your SIM card with a PIN so no-one can use your SIM card in another phone
  • Lock your mobile to your SIM card so no-one can use a different SIM card in your phone. If you have a smart phone, consider encrypting your phone.
  • Keep your phone as safe as you keep your wallet or purse


If you lose your phone or it gets damaged or you get it blocked, your contract will continue. Check out mobile phone insurance and see if it works for you. See our webpage on mobile phone insurance.

Use your mobile phone securely


Choose passwords that are easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to work out. Don't save passwords on your phone.

Websites and banking

To prevent your personal information being stolen, be careful about the websites you visit on your phone. And if you're accessing your bank accounts, use your mobile network rather than a free internet wireless network (wi-fi).

Watch out for scams

Buying from fake websites

Some people have bought phones or apps from websites that looked OK but then never received what they paid for or got charged more than they agreed to. See how to deal with these problems on SCAMwatch: Online shopping scams.

Scam calls and texts

Beware of texts and calls you receive about winning prizes or visiting websites. It can be a scam to take money from you. See how to deal with these problems on SCAMwatch: Mobile phone scams.

Control your mobile phone spending

If you're on a plan, keep track of the percentage of your allowance that is used up during the month. Then control your usage to avoid going over your limit. Alerts on your spending and usage can help you to do this.

By law, your service provider must allow you to see the details of your usage by going to their website. But remember - the information could be up to 24 hours old.

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Last updated: 18 Oct 2017