Getting help with debt

It's important to act quickly if you're having trouble repaying your debts. You may end up having legal problems by not paying what you owe on your loans or credit cards, especially if you ignore the problem.

You may also have other long-term problems, such as not being able to borrow money again. Getting behind in your payments could have a bad effect on your credit report.

Even though it can be difficult to face your money problems, ignoring them will only make them worse. Get help if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

There are options if you need help with your debts:

  • Contact your credit provider straight away - You may be able to organise an agreed repayment plan until your debt is paid off or a temporary financial problem is resolved.
  • Get help from a financial counsellor  - Financial counsellors offer a free service and can help you sort out your debts.

If some of your financial problems are due to another person running up debts in your name, or pressuring you to spend money or sign up for a loan, you may be experiencing financial abuse. Visit our  financial abuse webpage for a list of organisations that can help.

These webpages will help you with particular debt issues:

Case study: Bonnie needed some help

When Bonnie got her credit card, she was working 40 hours a week as a casual. But then her work got cut back to 30 hours a week and she couldn't cope with the repayments. Her debt situation just got worse and worse. Interest was added to her credit card debt each time she missed a payment. She needed help to sort out her problem.

Bonnie contacted a free financial counsellor. The financial counsellor worked with Bonnie to control and manage the debt with a repayment plan.

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Last updated: 25 Oct 2018