Investment warnings

Safety first

Help yourself avoid bad investments by doing some basic safety checks before you hand over your money.

  • Company director fraud - How to tell if a company director is illegally using your investment for personal gain.
  • Illegal managed investment schemes - It's generally illegal to offer units in a managed investment unless it is registered with ASIC.
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) - Find out the risks of investing in blockchain technology projects.
  • Investment seminars - Don't believe claims that attending an investment seminar will turn you into a millionaire in a few years.
  • Investment trading software - Be wary of claims you can make lots of money using investment trading software programs.
  • Land banking - This type of property investment has a number of risks. Find out what to check before investing.
  • Sports betting systems - At best, sports betting software schemes are gambling. At worst, they are scams.
  • Unexpected offers to buy your shares - These offers often try to buy your shares for much less than the current market price. You should be aware of some pitfalls if you get such an offer.
  • Cryptocurrencies - We explain how digital currencies work and the risks you take buying, trading or investing in them.

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Last updated: 12 Dec 2018