International investments

Investing around the world

Australians have more access to international investments than ever before and there are many different types of investment options to choose from. International investments can help you diversify your portfolio and give you access to investment opportunities not available in Australia.

Before you invest overseas you should do you homework as overseas investments involve additional risks that you need to be comfortable with.

In this section we explain how you can gain access to these types of overseas markets and assets:

  • Overseas investments - How to invest in different types of investments overseas, the benefits and risks.
  • International shares - Investing in international shares and a comparison of the local share market to markets overseas.
  • Forex - How to buy and sell foreign currency to speculate on price movements and the risks involved.
  • Managed funds - How to invest in a managed fund that includes international shares, foreign government bonds and overseas property.
  • Exchange traded funds(ETFs) - Finding ETFs that track the returns of global markets, regional indicies or specific asset classes in a particular region overseas.

Use this information as a starting point, do your own research and consider seeking professional financial advice before you invest outside Australia.

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Last updated: 20 Jul 2017