Copyright and linking requests

All material that ASIC publishes, either online or offline, is subject to copyright. There is some material on the site you can reproduce without our permission, but other material requires our permission first.

Linking guidelines

Linking to our website

ASIC welcomes links from your website to the MoneySmart website. When linking to our site, please observe the following conditions:

  • Links can go to any page on our site, not just the homepage.
  • The context in which a link is inserted on your website must not give your visitors the impression that your site, or your company, is sponsored or endorsed by us.
  • Links within your content must clearly take visitors to our website (e.g. pages must open in a new window and not appear as part of your navigation).
  • The ASIC and MoneySmart logos are not to be reproduced on your website.

Linking to our calculators

ASIC welcomes links from your website to the MoneySmart calculators. When linking to our calculators, please observe the following conditions:

  • You must link to the calculator landing page so users:
    • can read instructions and information they require prior to opening
    • will always see the most up-to-date calculator
    • do not get a broken link if the calculator link changes.
  • You also need to observe the conditions for linking to our website above.

Links from our website

ASIC only links to websites of government agencies and other organisations where the content:

  • complements the relevant information on ASIC's MoneySmart website
  • strengthens the key messages of the website or of particular ASIC campaigns
  • does not compromise the independence and impartiality of our information.

Link exchanges

ASIC's MoneySmart website will not do 'link exchanges' with other websites. Exceptions are made for other government agencies, consumer advocates, financial counsellors, peak industry bodies or other organisations that:

  • complement our information
  • strengthen our key messages
  • do not compromise the independence and impartiality of our information.

If you choose to link to ASIC's MoneySmart website, please follow the conditions listed above and note that this does not mean that MoneySmart will link to your website. 


Linking to our calculators

See Linking to our calculators above.

Reproducing our calculators

The MoneySmart calculators are continually being improved and updated. Therefore, to ensure that users access the most current version of our resources, please do not reproduce them. Instead, you are welcome to link to the calculator landing pages.

See Linking to our calculators above.

Webpage content

Referring to our content

When referring to content on ASIC's MoneySmart website, please link to the actual page on our website containing the relevant content. This ensures you are directing people to up-to-date content.

See Linking to our website above.

Reproducing extracts of our content

You must not reproduce extracts of our web content on your website, newsletter or other publication, without obtaining permission from us. Send your request for permission via our feedback form. Please note that, before granting permission, we may need to see the context in which you intend to use the material.

If we grant approval for you to reproduce ASIC's MoneySmart material:

  • it must be appropriately attributed, with the statement 'Reproduced with permission of ASIC' included for each reproduced extract, and
  • the source and date must be included for each extract: For example: 'Source: ASIC's MoneySmart website,, 8 November 2016'.

Please note that our website content (including assumptions, inputs and formulas in calculators) is regularly updated. ASIC does not accept any responsibility for the continued use or reproduction of material that may have become out of date.

Brochures and other downloadable files

Linking to our downloadable files

When referring to our brochures or other downloadable documents (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), please link to the relevant webpage on ASIC's MoneySmart website that contains the download link because:

  • the page content may be updated
  • the actual link may change, causing users to get a broken link.

See Linking to our website above.

Reproducing extracts from our downloadable files

You must request permission to reproduce actual extracts of our brochures or downloadable documents, newsletters or other publications.

See Reproducing extracts of our content above.

Teaching resources

MoneySmart Teaching resources are based on materials that constitute copyright of ASIC, except where otherwise indicated. These Teaching resources are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Australia Licence.

Copyright Image

Educators may use, reproduce, adapt and re-publish MoneySmart Teaching resources, without seeking the permission of ASIC, subject to:

  • the inclusion of an acknowledgement of the source and date accessed, for example: 'Source: ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching,, 20 January 2017'
  • any adaptations of these materials being licensed to others under these same terms; and
  • any reproduction, publishing and communication to the public being for non-commercial purposes.

Reproduction for purposes other than those indicated above requires the written permission of the Commonwealth of Australia. Requests and enquiries should be emailed to

If you use or publish any content from MoneySmart Teaching resources could you please let us know via email We are interested in hearing how educators and parents are using and adapting the materials.

CAL exemption

All ASIC materials on this website are exempt from collection by copyright agencies and are free resources for educational institutions. 

Our logos

The ASIC and MoneySmart logos must never be reproduced. The only exception is when ASIC or MoneySmart are part of a joint publication, event or campaign. In these circumstances, you will need to obtain our permission using our feedback form.

Last updated: 21 Feb 2019