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What's new

  • Department of Human Services incorporates our rent vs buy calculator

    Our rent vs buy calculator is also now on the Department of Human Services website to help people find out the real cost of a rent to buy deal.

  • ASIC finds consumer leases a costly option

    ASIC's report shows that people can be charged up to 884% in interest for a consumer lease. Read ASIC's media release on the report and use our rent to buy calculator to find out the real cost of your consumer lease.

  • Managing investment risk

    In times of market uncertainty and volatility it's important to remember the key principles of risk management for your investments.

  • Blue Sky with cloudsLand banking

    This type of property investment has a number of risks. Find out what to check before investing in a land banking scheme.

  • Complex investments

    If you are looking into complex investments like ETFs, hybrids or foreign exchange trading, make sure you know what you are really getting into and the risks involved.

  • Women and super

    Find out what women can do to get their super on track.

  • Wingham High staff memberInnovative ways to teach students about money

    Wingham High School applies a whole school approach to consumer and financial literacy, from language classes to the annual school production and making plans for a school garden. Our MoneySmart School videos show teachers how they did it.

  • Year 5 students plan a big day out

    With school holidays just around the corner, give your Year 5 students the opportunity to investigate the costs of an outing with our unit of work Hey! Let's have a big day out! This maths unit gets students to explore the differences between essential and optional costs, and justify reasons for their spending.