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Good evening. Tonight we present information for consumers about shopping online. And since you're on the internet already, I'll explain in a way that you computer people can understand.

Many business websites look professional and trustworthy......but online, things aren't always what they seem. Look down, back up, where are you, you're on a boat.

When you buy something online...Two tickets to that thing you love, look again...remember if things go sour you've still got consumer rights. I'm on a horse. Keep an eye out for sites that are suspicious, unprofessional, or make unrealistic promises. You don't want a nasty surprise. There are protections for online shoppers.

Businesses that supply to Australian consumers must comply with the Australian Consumer Law. That means if something goes wrong you have the right to a repair, replacement or refund. But you may struggle to get a resolution if you get in hot water online. Especially if the seller is overseas and you need to take action. Shopping over the web is less likely to end in tears...Leave Britney alone!...if you know what your rights are online. You deal with me.

Ask yourself - are you confident the product will be of acceptable quality? What is it? An old banana. An old banana? Isn't that exciting? No. And that you'll get adequate customer service...Yayayaya...both before...Ow, Charlie! Ow!...and after you buy. Charlie! That really hurt.

Also, think about how difficult it will be to return the item if something unexpected happens. Or the product...Never gonna give you up...isn't as described. And if you do decide to shop online......make sure you tread carefully. Come shop, with us.

Does the seller display credible contact details? If you look for contact details and...Can't see wary. Take a closer look at the refunds and returns policy. Some businesses say...No no no no no no no. But other online retailers happily offer reasonable terms. A bit of research can prevent you going round in circles. I'm on a boat.

Check the seller's shipping, delivery and insurance charges so you aren't hit with any hidden costs. Double rainbow! Oh my god. Check reviews from other buyers to see if they're... Ohhhh, heh heh, wow!...satisfied, or...[buzzer sound, cat screeching]

Remember, some online reviews aren't the real thing... check a few different sites. Oooh, you're so smart. And finally, if you do use your credit card online...Keep it secret, keep it safe. If the payment options seem unusual investigate further before you proceed. Oppan Gangnam Style. There's more information about shopping safely online and your consumer rights at

Taking simple precautions for online shopping will give you a better chance of being. I dreamed a dream in time gone by...pleasantly surprised...Living for the gas...happy with your purchase...Whoo! ...and, that. I really don't understand the internet. Good luck, shoppers.

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Last updated: 09 Aug 2016