Money held by state governments

Find money from deceased estates, dividends and other sources

State governments hold unclaimed money from deceased estates, share dividends, salaries and wages, cheques, trust money, over-payments and proceeds of sale, to name a few. Here are the important contacts to search for this money.

Search for deceased estates

You will need to contact the public trustee in the state where the money is held. Here are contacts for each state:

Search for dividends and other money

Contact the following government agencies for unclaimed money such as dividends, salaries and wages, rent and rental bonds, cheques, trust money, over-payments, principal and interest, expenses, refunds, deposits, premiums, royalties, commissions, creditors, debentures, bonds, convertible notes and proceeds of sale. Please note that different state government agencies hold different types of money.

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Last updated: 06 Mar 2019