Tame your debts

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  • Managing investment risk

    In times of market uncertainty and volatility it's important to remember the key principles of risk management for your investments.

  • The risks of interest-only loans

    You might consider an interest-only loan if you're buying a house or refinancing your mortgage, but you need to think carefully about whether it will be the best loan for you in the long run. We explain the risks and benefits of interest-only loans.

  • How much is enough super?

    We explain how to work out how much super you'll need in retirement.

  • Paying for funerals brochureAvoid a funeral rip-off

    Have you seen those ads on TV telling you how affordable a funeral plan can be? They say you can put money aside now to take the pressure off your family later. Our paying for funerals booklet explains that there are different ways to pay for a funeral, but some may be more suitable for you than others. See ASIC's media release.

  • Volcanic ash and travel insurance

    What does travel insurance really cover and how do you find out what's excluded?

  • Young people and debt

    If you are under 25 and struggling with debt, find out what you can do.

  • Money PigSimple ways to save money

    Making small changes in your life can fatten your savings and help you budget better.